Breed and BIG judge Mr A. Goodwin, BIS judge Mrs. C.Camac

BEST IN SHOW all breeds
on the day when both his dam and mummy in Finland had their birthday!!!
Such an unforgettable birthday and birthday gift from Onni!
BIS judge was Mr Keith McCarthy.


Well, what can we think about his unbeliavable way to go in shows... he did not only finish his title but won two groups in weekend 7-8.10.00 and though he had to beat in BIS final 8.10. some real top dogs of Australia to gain Best in Show, he did not hesitate to beat them too...though there was a whippet with 45 BIS awards as his credit , and a husky with 2000 points as his grand champion title credit, as well the husky had won some biggest Australian all breed show BIS awards.. just some to mention...but Finnish Superman was at his best showing mood when it was some pouring rain he was the lucky one who won Best in Show !!!

He won his another All Breed Best in Show in November..on the day when her Finnish 'mummy' was celebrating her birthday and also Onnis dam Rosie celebrated her birthday!! What an unforgettable birthday gift it was to hear all the excitement of that show from Australia via internet on the same day!!!

(all are all breed shows!)

26.8.00 Coolamon Show Society. Judge Mrs Mary Hickie
BOB,CC, Best Exhibit in Group!
Runner Up BOB was his young kennel mate Tanalith New Willennium!

27.8.00 Lockhart A & P Society. Judge Mr P Beverley (Breed and Group), Mr R. Memphem (BIS)
BOB, CC, Best Exhibit in Group, Runner Up BIS!!! (=BIS-2).

17.9.00 Best of Breed and CC again!

04.10.00 Best of Breed and CC again!

7.10.00 Best of Breed and Best of Group!!!

8.10.00 Best of Breed, Best of Group and BEST IN SHOW!!!

4.11.00 Best of Breed

18.11.00 Best of Breed, Best of Group and BEST IN SHOW!!!

19.11.00 Best of Breed

9.12.00 Best of Breed

10.12.00 Best of Breed

20.1.01 Best of Breed

21.1.01 Best of Breed, Best of Group and Runner Up BEST IN SHOW!!!

03.02.01 Best of Breed, Best of Group and Runner Up BEST IN SHOW!!!

10.02.01 Best of Breed and Best of Group!

11.02.01 Best of Breed

10.03.01 Best of Breed

11.03.01 Best of Breed and Runner Up In Group!!!

12.03.01 Best of Breed

17.03.01 Best of Breed and Best of Group!!!

25.03.01 Best of Breed and Runner Up in Group!!!

19.05.01 Best of Breed

14.07 Best of Breed and Runner Up in Group!!!

15.09.01 Best of Breed and Best of Group!!!

He finished his Australian Champion title 8.10.00

Onni and all his co owners (Darren, Tarja and Tiina) met in Sydney April 2001!


Onni had a year to remember 'down under'! He got many unforgettable lovely wins in show ring and I also had an unforgettable time to follow his great adventure via interenet and I also met him personally on my trip there! It was lovely to see how well he had adapted to all different things there, even the different climate. He sure enjoyed his holiday there, when he did not even recognize his 'mummy' when I went there...
So his co owner Darren earns huge thanks for all his wonderful work and care with our boy...his coat finally got really organised to perfect condition also! In such bloom it never was in Finland.
Now it is time to look forward on his coming home and when he still obviously just loves to be in show ring, he probably doesnt want to retire yet, though he will be a veteran boy next year!


Onni has gained (when he left Australia) now alltogether 89 BOB, 56 BIG, 12 BIS, 14 Runner Up BIS, 15 other BIS placements, 4 x International Show's BEST IN SHOW Progeny Group, and one BEST IN SHOW progeny group in Spaniel Main Club Show!... his story will go on...

BEST IN GROUP number 50 for Onni January 2001!

BEST IN GROUP number 51 for Onni February 2001
under Mrs Iris Glynn!

Onni begun his Australian year by winning BIG in September 2000...
and he said farwells to Australian shows by winning BIG again!!!


photos: TEXTerri Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen

Onni made an unbelivable come back to Finland, as after 48 hours long travel he jumped out of crate happily as allways and had only one day between the travel to North Finland Oulu International all breed show (over 2500 entries and all Finnish top dogs entered). He really made his presence felt and his style to tell he is BACK was:
He won Best in Show, his Progeny class won Best in Show and he was proudly leading Adamant's breeder group up to Best in Show!!! Veni Vidi Vici!!!