(Adamant's Take Your Hopes
- C.I.E SE (u) & NO CH
FIJW-06 FIW-09 NORDW-09 EUW-10 HeW-10
Adamant's Let Me See)


female, born 20.4.2008


hips: A/A
eyes: clear, PRA cord1 clear


owner: Tarja Hovila


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Gloria BOB, BIG-4 in Vaasa international all breed show, 04/2013

"Gloria" is a daughter of  legendary star of her time,
"Sophie" Adamant’s Let  Me See, my once in a lifetime bitch.

"Gloria" is a happy girl, who has good excellent basic instincts as well as
a great mother to her puppies, as in the forest; pitty I dont hunt.

She has passed her good working abilities well to many of her progeny.

Glorias impact at kennel has been most remarkable;
she has been a super brood bitch giving so many lovely beautiful puppies.

She was the main valuable ‘ace’ in our breeding groups,
when kennel Adamant’s won TOP BREEDER of the year prize in 2010, and 2011!
She was allways in the group and allways did her very best in big final rings,
a real key of success.

In breed ring she is not usually giving all  the best out of her, like her mother did,
but she is a team player second to none and fits so well in all of our breeders groups.

“Gloria”  has got  17 adult aged puppies, of which so far
4 are International Champions, 5 National champions, one Tracking champion.

Youngest of her litters are now just  11 months old,
there is already one CC winner, one Jun CC winner
and many have gained BOB/BOS, BIG, BIS placements in puppy classes

There are numerous Winner titles and Crufts qualitfications on her progeny.

Alltogether her progeny has so far won

more than 100 x CAC
more than 40 x CACIB
more than 60 x BOB
8 x BIG-1 , many BIG and BIS placements

Gloria BOB and her son Gizmo (Adamant's Follor Your Style) BOS
in Hamina international all breed show, 05/2013, judge Tuula Savolainen


On TOP SHOW ESS list 2014 Top Male is her son Adamant’s Fortune is Future,

9 has passed spaniel hunting ability test.

11  hips are checked, all free ;
9 x AA, 1
x AB ja 1 x BB, and from 11 eyes are checked, all clear.


Gloria BOB, BIG-4 in Porvoo all breed show, 09/2009