Best In Show breeders group in Porvoo All Breed Show 2014
photo (c) Pasada


Adamant's kennel has through years won countless number of Best in Show in breeders class competitions.

Best in Show breeders group Karkku Annual Speciality show 2001
Dogs: Int Ch A. Estèe Lauder, Int Ch Adamant's Elvis Presley, Int Ch Adamant's Rose d'Amore, Int Ch A. Golden Boy
photo Springerspanielit ry


Particularly those 20 recent years have been fantastic success for Adamant's Springers
in so many International and other All Breed championship shows,
as also in Spaniel and English Springer Club speciality shows.

BIS-2 breeders group in Helsinki Winner Show 2011
under Rainer Vuorinen

BIS-2 breeders group in Helsinki Winner Show 2010



There has been more than 100 BIS winning groups during those 20 past years!!!

Best In Show breeders group in Turku International All Breed Show 2013

Best In Show breeders group in Turku International All Breed Show 2011
photo Alex Waldvogel

Best In Show breeders group in Lappeenranta International All Breed Show 2011

Best In Show breeders group in Kajaani International All Breed Show 2011
photo Showlink Oy

Best In Show breeders group in Joensuu International All Breed Show 2009
photo Heidi Lahtinen

Best In Show breeders group in Turku International All Breed Show 2009



During last years we have had succesfull co operation with breeder friends in France, Laurent Simonin and Pascale Baudry, who have shown ADAMANT’S ESS breedersgroup to many BIS wins in middle Europe; latest BIS wins were in January 2015 in Paris International all breeds show and Genk national All Breeds, Belgium.


Our heartfelt thanks to all, who have helped us to show breeders groups and to all those, who have shown them without me, sending just happy news about great results after winning with A- groups somewhere!

BIS-2 breeders group in Porvoo National All Breed Show 2011

Best In Show breeders group in Karjaa All Breeds Show 2014

BIS-2 breeders group in Lahti International All Breed Show 2013

BIS-2 breeders group in Jyväskylä International All Breed Show 2011




Absolutely biggest Top Moment ever in BIS breeder competitions
has been the great Nordic Winner 2009 show in Helsinki December 2009;
it was a huge one day International all breed show, where we won Best in Show under well known,
highly appreciated judge Mr Dan Ericsson, Sweden “Raglan” fame

Here is my story written to web site straight after that show weekend about those heart touching moments while winning BIS breeder in this spectacular show:

“It was entered some 500 different breeder groups in this show, of which about nearly 160 won Best of Breed breeder group award , and all they were qualified to be shown in honour ring. When a lot of breeder groups has to go in to final ring, even if it was big, it is impossible to have them there same time all. So judge had to check them in pre judging ring so carefully, that he can choose and say to steward the 14 best finalists..and then all do run in to final ring, but when they were running only those 14 best finalists were picked quickly up for stay to be judged further. Judge came from Sweden, Dan Ericsson, and he judged all that lot in pre judging very carefully and went through all 3 times and even moved them all as a group.

Nothing could be guessed from his face when he was walking around, watching, giving every group same time and attention. And even when he told steward which 14 will later continue, we could not see or hear a bit if we were chosen or not. Very professional all his judging there indeed!

So when our turn to run in to honour ring came, we still thought (..or at least I thought!) may be it will be just a round there like it will be to the most of groups. We were so happy when steward showed hand mark for us to stay. Then 14 finalists had to run around again before final choices of judge.

When BIS-4,3,2 were already published , there still was standing 11 stunning groups and I was searching with my eyes where is the door to run out, as I did not expect we would be BEST IN SHOW BUT THE LOUD SPEAKERS TOLD ADAMANT'S ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIELS ARE THE WINNERS!!!! Feeling on that moment was something REALLY special, hard to describe, happiness, suprised, shocked, freezing, tears of luck...and it was hard to get orientation where should we run, what should we do..even if we had won Best In Show breeders class in another huge show just a couple of weeks ago, too, but though!!! Thanks you everyone who made this possible. It was indeed a dream to come true and you all who showed in the group, made all such a fantastic job with superb attitude, and special thanks to Ladys owners, who impressed me so much with their attitude to stay and drive then some 10+ hours in the night..that gave me extra power to plan how do we collect the group and show it to it's benefit in every way.”

Best In Show breeders group in Nordic Winner 2009 Show



That win was a beginning of such an unbelievable time ahead:
We won “TOP BREEDER ALL BREEDS” award then TWICE in a row!!
We won it years 2010 and 2011; something hard to believe but so highly appreciated!

Before us not any other breeder breeding spaniels had won this highest award,
but after we broke the ice, it has been happily won three more times by spaniel breeders.


Most highly appreciated wins in breeders group BIS finals to us have been also those two other BIS wins in traditional Helsinki International Winner shows;

Year 1997 we won BIS there under Mrs Elina Tan-Hietalahti,
with a kind of dream team group; three legendary ESS in it.
INT Champions Adamant’s Superman, Adamant’s Estee lauder, Adamant’s Sound Of Success.
The group was completed with year –97 FI Winner Adamant’s Shakespeare.

Year 1999 we won BIS in this show with a group of 4 Int Champion boys:
Adamant’s Superman, Adamant’s New Design, Adamant’s Ringmaster, Adamant’s Elvis Presley.
Judge was Agnes Ganami-Kertes, Israel.
photo Koirauutiset


Adamant’s kennel has also achieved Finnish kennel Club’s highest breeder award,
“Vuolasvirta” –award, given for meritorous breeding to us already 1984.

BIS-2 breeders group in Stockholm International All Breed Show 1985
Dogs: Int Ch A. Living Dream, Int Ch A. Chocolate, Int Ch A. Madam de Luce,
Int Ch A. Leading Lady, Int Ch A. Chocolate Dream

Best in Show breeders group in Somero All Breed show 1996
Dogs: Int Ch A. Superman, A. Special Colours Int Ch A. Sound of Success, Fin Ch A. Sound of Silence
photo TEXTerri

Best in Show breeders group Oulu International show 2001
Dogs: Int Ch A. Superman, Int Ch A. Golden Boy, Fin Ch A. Golden Success, Fin Ch A. Midsummer Dream
photo TEXTerri/Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen


We have won twice Ester Seleste’s Top Spaniel breeder of the year- award.


 The Breeder Prize of SuKoKa r.y (Finnish Dog Breeder Club) will be given to Adamant's ESS,
owned by Tarja Hovila in February 2015.

Adamant's kennel has gained high awards in Top Breeder of the year All Breeds competition:



VIDEO FROM TOP BREEDERS 2011 getting their awards in honour ring in Winner-11 show >>,
taken by Alex Waldvogel

VIDEO FROM TOP BREEDERS 2010 getting their prizes in honour ring in Winner-10 show >>,
taken by Alex Waldvogel