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PHOTO Elise Volens, Alex Waldvogel






Adamant's Touch My Heart won BIG-1 in Laukaa all breeds 11.7.2015 under Francesco Cochetti, Italy.

She also has won several more BOB wins during this year and went BIS-2 in Royal Canin Grand Prix Top Junior all breeds 2014 competition under Michael Forte, Ireland!






Adamant's Over The Moon has continued as well her winning ways,
she won BOB under Patsy Hollings, UK in Stockholm Swedish Winner-15 in April,
was shortcut in to best finalists in Group under Frank Whyte, UK
and then next month she went to win BOB under Tom Mathers, UK in Helsinki int,
and later she wonnder him BIS Junior Royal Canin all the show!!! and also BIG-3 under Hannele Jokisilta!

photo Pasada






Lahti International all breed show 21-22.3.2015

HEJW-13, NORDJW-13, Tln W-14, TLN JW-14, SE JW-13
Adamant's Touch My Heart

bb-2 CC Adamant's Over The Moon

BOS CACIB Adamant's Press Stop

bd-2 res CACIB Adamant's Renaissance Man

bd-3 CC Adamant's Once In  a Blue Moon

bd-4 res CC Adamant's The Motion Picture

Adamant's Breeders class Best In Show

Lahti International all breeds BEST IN SHOW Breeder Adamant's , under Hans Lehtinen

NORD & NO & SE (u) & FI CH EE CH, HEJW-13, NORDJW-13, Tln W-14, TLN JW-14, SE JW-13
Adamant's Touch My Heart, photo Alex Waldvogel

photo Alex Waldvogel



Tallinna International all breed show

Judge  Matti Tuominen, FIN

BOB, CACIB, BIG-3 Adamant's Touch My Heart
2. best bitch  BOB Junior, jun CAC, BIS-1 Junior Adamant's Over The Moon
BOS, CAC, CACIB => EE CH Adamant's Finger In The Pie
BOB, BIS-4 breeder Adamant's

Tallinna Speciality for groups 8&9

BOB, CAC Adamant's Touch My Heart
2. best bitch Jun CAC, BOB Jun, BIS-1 junior Adamant's Over The Moon
BOS, BOS jun, Jun CAC Adamant's Going Great Guns
BIS-4 breeder Adamant's

photo Elise Volens

photo Pille Saar


photo Elise Volens





Troyes International all breed show
Judge Vitalyi Belskyy

BOB CACIB Adamant's Feele Like A Million
res CACIB Adamant's Red Letter Day
CAC Adamant's Time in Your Life

BOB Baby Adamant's Love Is In The Air


Virolahti Group show 7.2.2015

Judge Tapio Eerola

2. best dog CC "Pluto" Adamant's The Motion Picture
3. best dog res-CC "Teddy" Adamant's Heart Print



Lovely day in Turku Top Dog Show!

Adamant's breeders group went Best in Show under Leila Kšrkšs.

"Patu" Adamant's Finger In The Pie BOB, CACIB, BIG-3 under Maria-Luise Doppelreiter.
"Pluto" Adamant's The Motion Picture won CC in his debut show at 9 months age.
Class wins also for Teddy, Nelli and Armi.

BIS-1 breeder
, judge Leila Kšrkšs Fin
dogs from left Ch A Press Stop, his mother Ch A So Far So Good, Ch A Feels Like Flying,
Pres Stop daughter FIW-14. SEJW-13, NORDJW-13, HEJW-13, TLN & TLNJW-13 A Touch My Heart
photo TEXTerri

Adamants Finger in the Pie "Patu"
went BIG 3 under Maria-Luise Doppelreiter!

Adamant's The Motion Picture "Pluto"
(Adamant's Fortune is Future-Lordsett Dont Worry Be Happy)
won his first CC in his very first adult class show at 9 months age.



In Belgium Mouscron International show under Philippe Fortemps
"Paul" Adamant's Feel Like A Million won one more BOB, CAC and CACIB to his credit.
"Regina" Adamant's red letter Day was BOS, CAC, CACIB,
"Vanilla" Adamant's Time in Your Life won res CAC res CACIB
and little "Robert" Adamant's Love Is In The Air won BOB baby.

 "Paul" and "Regina" won BIS brace.





ďMidasĒ Multi Champion & Winner, TOP ESS MALE FINLAND 2014 Adamantís Fortune is Future
will have an exciting time ahead, as he is leaving soon off to UK!

He already has a lovely AI litter at kennel Eastriding and he will be living there with Kelly Jenkinson and her family. We wish him all best luck whilst he will be there; we will miss him a lot, but we know he is in such good hands; thank you so much Kelly for giving us such a great possibility.




We had a great start for new year 2015 in traditional

"Armi" Adamantís Touch My Heart BOB CACIB
"Nelli" Adamantís Feels Like Flying BB-2 res CACIB
"Fiona" Adamantís Over The Moon BB-3 res CC , BOB junior, BIS junior of Saturday
"Iita" Adamantís Food For Your Eyes BB-4

"Midas" Adamantís Fortune is Future BOS CACIB
"Gizmo" Adamantís Follow Your Style BD-2 res CACIB => CACIB
"Ralph" Adamantís Renaissance man BD-3

Adamantís BOB breeder

BOS Adamant's Fortune Is Future & BOB Adamant's Touch My Heart

"Fiona" FIJW-14 HEJW-14 NOJW-14 Adamant's Over The Moon
BIS saturday Royal Canin junior
photo Susanna Mononen

Proud of making kind of hattrick in this traditional Kajaani int show:
three generations winning BIS Royal Canin Junior of the day competition!


Same weekend Laurent and Pascale were showing their Adamantís ESS
in Paris International all breed show and Genk, Belgium national all breeds.

Adamantís Breeders group went BEST IN SHOW in both!

In Paris Adamantís Red letter day won BOS, CACIB,
Adamantís Feel Like A Million won CACIB
and Adamantís Time in Your Life CAC and res CACIB!
judge was Dan Ericsson, Sweden.

Next day August Wilde judged in Genk, and Adamantís Feels like Million went BOB, CAC,

Adamantís Red Letter Day BOS, CAC and Adamantís Time In Your Life won res CAC.