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BIS-3 breeders group in Stockholm International all breed show
judge Sigurd Wilberg, Norway

BOB SEW-16 Adamant's Over The Moon, judge Hannele Jokisilta, FI

Adamant's Over The Moon "Fiona" went BIG-3 in Swedish Winner Show 2016
under Marie-Luise Doppelreiter, Austria


BIS-1 breeders group in Jyvšskylš International all breed show,
judge Pedro Sanchez Delerue, Portugal

BIS-2 breeders group in Jyvšskylš International all breed show,
judge Paavo Mattila, FI
photo Kuvauksellista photography


BIS-2 breeders group in Lahti International all breed show,
judge Johan Juslin, FI
photo TEXTerri

BIS-2 breeders group in Seinšjoki International all breed show,
judge Marjatta Pyvšnšinen-Suorsa, FI



"Jedi" Adamantís Real Trouper had a wonderful year.
He won 18xCC, also one in Norwegian Winner-16 show under breed specialist Stephanie Rickard, Australia
and he won titles Rus & EE JCH, JWW-16, EUJW-16, BeneluxJW-16, NOJW-16, FIJW-16.



"Elsa" Adamantís Jubilee Lets Twist Again won Best in Show puppy
both in Helsinki Winner-16 all breed puppy show and Winner-16 all breed puppy show
ó1000 entries both days!



Traditional Independence day Group show was held again in Tampere.
"Fiona" Adamantís Over The Moon won BOB under Irina Poletaeva,
BIG under Veli-Pekka Kumpumški and Best in Show under Irina Poletaeva.
Our breeders group was best in Show.



In August we had a great trip to European Winner-16 show.
"Fiona" Adamantís Over The Moon went BOS and got EuW-16, BeneluxW-16 and BelgianW-16 titles
"Jedi" Adamantís Real Trouper got EuJW-16 and BeneluxJW-16 title on her credit
under Inga Siil.

EuW-16, BeneluxW-16 and BelgianW-16
Adamant's Over The Moon



In August we went with "Pluto" Adamantís The Motion Picture, "Jedi" Adamantís Real Trouper and "Rhianna" Adamantís Rags To Riches to Tallinn int show, where Jose Doval judged breed.

Rhianna went BOB. BIG-2 , Pluto won BOS, CACIB and Jedi junior CC like also Rhianna did.

BIG-2 Adamantís Rags To Riches in Tallinn International all breed show





Our breeders groups have had fantastic summer in show rings!
During June-July they have won 5 x Best in Show and 2 x BIS-2
in big all breed/International shows!

 They have won also BIS and BIS placements in middle European shows
shown by Laurent Simonin and Pascale Baudry!

In awful wind and rain as well as in sun shine!

BIS-1 breeders group in Pori International all breed show.
photo Alex Waldvogel

BIS-2 breeders group in Kokkola International all breed show.

BIS-1 breeders group in Kotka International all breed Show.







We had a fantastic trip to World Winner-16 show, which was held in Moscow.
Well known Spaniel specialist Laurent Pichard judged ESS
and our dogs got  4 World Winner title

Siblings Adamantís Real Trouper and Adamantís Rags To Riches became Junior World-winner-16,
and Real Trouper continued in final ring being BIG-3 junior in the show!

BIG-3 junior Adamant's Real Trouper


Adamantís Press Stop is brand new World Winner-16
and so is Adamantís Over The Moon, who went BOB
and was even shortcurt in to 6 top finalists in Group
d by another well known Spaniel specialist Tamas Jakkel, Hungary!

WW-16 Adamant's Over The Moon & WW-16 Adamant's Press Stop

WW-16 Adamant's Over The Moon

Adamantís Living for Dreams won his class too and did the same next day
in Spaniel Specialty and became Rus Ch.

Juniors got also jun CAC next day in Spaniel Specialty judged by Elena Adamovskaja, Russia
'Rhianna' Adamantís Rags To Riches went even BOB!
Both became Rus JCH and Adamantís Over The Moon became Rus CH.

BOB Adamantís Rags To Riches "Rhianna"






Springer Spaniel Club show was held 11.6.2016
and judge was Justyna Kaminska from Poland

Best in Show was 'Frida' Adamantís Take The Cake, she also won ĎBest Moverí Trophy.
BIS-2 junior
was Adamantís Real Dream
and Adamantís Feels Like Flying won the ĎBest Headí Trophy.

photo Alex Waldvogel







We currently lead Top Breeder All Breeds in Finland 2016 competition.

We had a dream start in huge Jyvšskylš Int all breed double show weekend
and made a historical double: Best in Show breeder both days!
In Helsinki winner show weekend we won amazingly one more BIS-1 and BIS-3 as well.
Then next 4 huge international shows gave as top placements in BIS finals too
and now we lead this competition with points 215 out of 240 maximum.







Top ESS of The Year 2015 in Finland Adamant's Over The Moon won BIG-1 and BIS-3 in huge Tampere international all breed show in May 2016. Breed judge Johan Juslin, Group judge Nils Molin Sweden, BIS judge Jochen H Eberhardt, Germany.




April 2016
in great traditional Lahti international all breed show breed specialist Domenico Di Matteo judge over 40 ESS and we had 3 best bitches and 4 best males! Adamant's The Motion Picture was BOB, Adamant's Take The Cake BOS and later 'Pluto' went also BIG-3 in Group under Johan Juslin!





In beginning of April
I visited Sweden and took part in double show weekend in Kungsbacka. MUlti Champion Adamant's Feels Like Flying went Best in Show first day under Dan Ericsson, Sweden, and next day she went BIS-3 under Frank Whyte, UK! Adamant's Long Live The Queen won CC first day under Tiina Illukka and next day under Frank Whyte CC winning bitch was Adamant's Over The Moon.





Our young hopefuls "Livia" Adamant's Long Live The Queen and "Rhianna" Adamant's Rags To Riches have had lovely start in show rings indeed!

"Livia" has won several CC's and even BOB in Lithuanian Winner Show and there she went BIS-1 junior under Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen, and she wan BIS junior also in Narva all breed show + she won from junior class already Swedish CC, too!

And what to say about "Rhianna" then.. we did not show her in puppy classes at all, and in her first show she did not seem have a clue how to be a show girl in ring... but then she did understand, and results have been extraordinary super for one so young! She has already won 2 x BOB in top competitions ring full of lovely ESS, then continued to win BIG-2, BIG-3 placements in hard competition, too, and she was also BIS-4 junior in Imatra Int all breeds, has got 4 x CC, and was Best in Show puppy under Juha Kares in unofficial match show. We are really looking forward what will the future give for these lovely girls plus very many other really promising juniors in our team now!





We participated Champion of Champions Gala with 'Armi' Adamant's Touch My Heart
and she did really well and went in to 8 last couples semifinals, she is co owned with Satu Lehtinen